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Building Blocks For Childcare Success

We recently published our annual industry report, the Building Blocks for Success. This report highlights what leading childcare centers are doing to increase their enrollment. 


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ChildcareCRM is helping center owners build their enrollment.

This data is intended to give insights into industry trends (specifically CRM usage trends) as well as compare how your organization is performing against those trends, both in the United States and Australia.


What you may remember as our Benchmark or Blind Statistics Report has been reimagined to help shine a  light on the childcare industry trends you can take action on to build relationships with families.

As we have annually for the past 7 years, we’re excited to share some of our insights that will help drive growth in your center. It is our goal to share the key stats and insights we've found have a significant impact on driving enrollment in childcare centers.


Key Takeaways in the Report

Below you'll find some of the key data points we cover in greater detail within the Building Blocks report.

The Importance of a Strong Online Presence

A strong online presence is essential for generating new leads and opportunities. 
As we all navigate COVID-19 regulations, including social distancing, web leads remain an important source of new opportunities while walk-ins have decreased steadily over the past few years, taking a substantial dip in 2020.
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Meet Today's Parents Where They're At

80% of today's parents are Millennials. Finding the right way to communicate and engage with this demographic is vital to the success of your center's enrollment growth.

Did you know that the average Millennial spends 5.7 hours on their mobile phone each day? An important part of “meeting millennial parents where they’re at” is best achieved through text and email communications.



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How Integrations Can Make Your Job Easier!

Integrating your technology stack generates new leads, increases efficiency, and reduces data entry errors.

Integrating your technology stack saves you and your staff's time. Businesses which utilize software integrations primarily for data entry processes save an average of 3.8 hours a day!

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