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ChildCareCRM® helps you effectively manage and market to your leads from initial inquiry to enrollment by providing a secure, cloud-based system that stores your valuable lead information and history.

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Lead Management

Capture lead/child data from phone calls, email or web inquiries and walk-in tours. Generate tour, meeting, phone-call and email follow-up tasks automatically. Track your opportunities from initial inquiry to enrollment and beyond.



As your organization grows, so will your understanding of your market and the follow-up it needs. Make sure your system’s automated email, text and task assignment fit the bill. With ChildCareCRM’s Business Rules, you can segment messaging based on endless filtering criteria and tailor your communication to each family smarter, better, faster


Management Reporting & Analysis

More than 30 configurable reports allow for a wide range of summary, detail and table views. Extensive filtering, selection and export report options in a user-friendly format give you the flexibility you need to quickly and thoroughly analyze lead/child information, statistical data trends, staff usage and revenue potential.

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