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ChildcareCRM and Procare

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With our two-way integration, child care management and enrollment has never been easier. 

Procare, the leader in child care management software, and ChildcareCRM, the leader in care-focused customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing systems now have a two-way integration.

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Reduced Manual Effort

Update a field in ChildcareCRM and the corresponding field in Procare will update as well. This connection helps to reduce manual data entry as well as any potential clerical errors.


Transition Seamlessly

From enrollment to management, you're able to transition parents between ChildcareCRM and Procare flawlessly. As you change their lead status, parents flow through the enrollment process in ChildcareCRM and into the management process within Procare.


Parent Information Stays Current

Parent data stays synchronized across both systems, so you always have the most up-to-date information for them. 


Lead Management

Capture inquiry data from phone calls, email, web inquiries, and walk-in tours. Generate tour, meeting, phone-call, and email follow-up tasks automatically. Track your opportunities from initial inquiry to enrollment and beyond.


Marketing Automation

Make sure your system’s automated email, text and task assignment fit the bill. With ChildcareCRM’s Business Rules, you can segment messaging based on endless filtering criteria and tailor your communication to each family smarter, better, faster.


Reporting & Analysis

More than 30 configurable reports allow for a wide range of summary, detail and table views. Extensive filtering, selection, and export report options in a user-friendly format give you the flexibility you need to quickly and thoroughly analyze inquiry information, statistical data trends, staff usage, and revenue potential.


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"The seamless integration between ChildcareCRM and Procare makes it simple to track families from the first inquiry and in-person tour all the way through to enrollment, ensuring our customers can get the most out of every lead."

JoAnn Kintzel, CEO of Procare Solutions


Valley Learning Centers


"The two-way communication is wonderful, especially at this time. It has been great to be able to send messages letting our parents know we are still open and then for them to respond with whether they are coming in or not. We appreciate this program so much!"

Gina Emch, Director of Marketing


Two-way comms

Yuma Preschool


"Success is allowing yourself to open up to innovative ideas. Don't fear what you don't understand. CRM has the tools, methods, and customer service in place to help you reach maximum capacity at your preschool."

Sandy Curtis, Owner / Director


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