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Make the Switch to CRM+


CRM+ is here! The newest version of ChildcareCRM is now available, easier to use, and filled with new features to help you boost enrollment and save time including:
  • New, easy-to-use interface and navigation
  • New home screen dashboards 
  • Custom reporting capabilities 
  • Partner marketplace for easy integrations
  • New template editor 

Hear what our beta users say!

  • CRM+ is amazing. I really love the new dashboard screen where our directors can start their day.
  • With the busy back to school season coming up, I’m glad I’ll be using CRM+ to manage everything!
  • It was easy to make the switch to CRM+. I just went to a new URL and all my data and information was there.
  • Migration was a really simple process, and our directors will be amazed when they see CRM+!
  • After an hour of training, I felt comfortable in the new interface.

I’m Interested in Switching to CRM+